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Accuracy in the market liquidity reflection.

Our mission is to promote the development of digital technology industry by stimulating innovation, by introduction of new emerging technologies, thereby actively participate in transforming changes of the global financial system.
4.931% (2,903.8100)
7.083% (282.3200)
5.429% (10.0000)
5.809% (0.0589)
9.071% (41.1000)
4.604% (8.2000)

Strengthening and developing of the structure.

Strengthening and developing of the structure is equally interesting experiment in testing new proposals. Diverse and rich experience in consulting with a broad asset plays an important role shaping the positions taken by participants in relation to the tasks.

Remember that consulting a broad-based asset allows you to assess the value of a model. The beginning of the daily work of forming a position plays an important role in the formation of new proposals.


From idea to the financial independence

The idea only becomes a brilliant solution when there is a clear plan for its implementation.

Based on rapid trading strategies. Using the best security system in the cryptocurrency world with a reliable digital wallet. We have designed our trading platform with infinite possibilities for your financial independence.

Anola platform for those who feel like a winner, realizing the full power and potential of cryptocurrencies. For those who live by the principle - not to observe, but to act!

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Fast and reliable technology

A secure cryptocurrency trading strategy designed for speed and scalability. We use algorithmic trading on the third party trading platforms.

  • Time Saving

    Algotrading provides deals without your direct participation

  • High-speed trading

    Instant evaluation of the price movements and the opening / closing the transaction.

  • Trading psychology

    Discipline, making deals without emotions according to the rules.

  • Trading history

    Using historical data to verify a trading strategy, to account possible errors and to improve trading.


Partnership reliability

Make sure the investment platform you choose is trustworthy.

The main priority of the Anola platform is safety. We created the platform from scratch, implemented several layers of protection based on the use of the most effective and reliable technologies to ensure the safety of your funds and transactions.

Our goal is to provide clients/partners with the choice and optimal financial results. The Anola team is diverse, which allows us not to be satisfied with what has already been achieved, to develop and improve, in other words, to be the leaders in cryptotrading. Carry out your job responsibly and challenge inaction!

Transformation outside the trade framework


We believe in the blockchain potential to provide innovative solutions across industries and beyond crypto.

About Company

Legal Security

The company complies with all the rules of the Isle of MAN, thereby contributing to the prevention, rapid detection and elimination of illegal behavior.


Innovation Freedom

Success requires constant movement and development, integration with related sectors of the economy, law and finance. Our team supports and promotes experimentation to find innovative solutions in business and cryptocurrency.


Daily Profit

Every day, the company distributes the profit earned from the previous day. Every day, the funds received will be reflected on your balance wallet.


Fast Response

The main aspect of safety and relevance is effective decision-making and prompt implementation.


Deposit Security

We ensures the safety and stability of your funds, thanks to close-knit business relationships with our partners and legal advisers.


Anywhere in the world

Any adult citizen of any country in the world can become an Anola partner.

Our products

You are guaranteed to earn interest on cryptoassets with the Anola trading platform

It is enough to select one of the available assets (for example, BTC, USDT, ETH, or other assets). Receive interest and withdraw funds.

In order to get more, you can choose a floating rate deposit with a zero blocking period or a fixed rate deposit with a higher yield.

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Increase your income now with the help of Anola Algorithm

Join the service and complex Anola platform, which is designed to increase your cryptotrading income.

Anola Algorithm offers regular, daily payments and low commissions to ensure you have the best experience.

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Cryptocurrency trading with Anola is your financial independence

Quick transactions with a high yield with large-scale analysis of the crypto-asset market.

We offer a unique platform that allows to every investor to receive a high guaranteed income from personal investments in a short time.


Cold Wallet

Security and protection of your funds from hacking and theft. A «cold wallet» is an ideal option that combines functionality and security, allowing you to be sure that your funds are reliably protected.

«Cold wallets» do not have a permanent Internet connection, and are not susceptible to hacker attacks or key theft, unlike «hot (online) wallets». By log in on the Anola platform, you get your secure «cold wallet» to store your crypto-assets. We ensure the highest possible security for your deposits and transactions.


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