ANOLA System concept

The creation of the ANOLA System is a natural result of the evolution and world globalization processes.

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History can demonstrate many striking examples of how start-up companies became the most profitable in the world in just a few years. And the products, services, and technologies they create are the most demanded.

The secret of such start-ups lies on the surface: they were the first to sense the moment of the emergence of fundamentally new markets with huge potential and have devoted their energies to exploring ways of exploiting the opportunities of such markets.

Further we will give an example of several cases in history where companies have timely and very successfully used the latest technology to implement their ideas in completely new, unoccupied markets.

IBM $ 200 $ 12 1175%
Apple $ 11 $ 241 21175%
Google $ 124 $ 1297 7654%
Microsoft $ 142 $ 20 7654%
Amazon $ 2012 $ 34 21175%


The basic technology on which the ANOLA System works and on which a new market of information resources, goods, and services with unlimited potential is built.


Every technology is cyclically going through the stages of its «maturity» starting from the inception of an idea and up to the stable commercial implementation.

Such a cycle was identified by the company's specialists on the basis of research, the results of which became the foundation for a model for predicting and analyzing trends associated with the emergence of new technologies.

The model shows how promising a particular technology is, based on the degree of interest shown by society and professionals.

The emergence of blockchain technology marked the beginning of the transformation of the digital economy into an informational one.

The foundation of this economy is the universal equivalent - not money, but digital assets managed through systems based on blockchain technology.

What are the main advantages of blockchain technology?

  • The exchange of information resources (values) without intermediaries, without using money, becomes possible.
  • The possibility of unauthorized deletion or substitution of information is excluded.
  • It is guaranteed that no copies of the identifiers to which the digital assets are referred cannot be created.
  • The safety and reliability of data transmission, including data in the registers of property rights, is ensured.
  • The maximum level of transparency and decentralization of management is achieved.
  • The problem of uncertainty for the maximum level of trust in digital information, its source, and transactions is resolved.

Anola's main goal is to create the largest decentralized platform for the secure purchase and exchange of cryptocurrency assets.


The Anola team analyzed the current situation with financial platforms, applications, smart contracts, and market demands, and came to the conclusion that the main demand of users is fast and secure transactions, as well as the reliability of storage of crypto assets and personal data.

1 Preparation
2018 – 2021
2 Spread
2021 – 2025
3 Redistribution

The main goal of the Anola team is to create the largest decentralized platform for secure purchase and exchange of cryptocurrency assets.

1 Stage Preparation 2018–2021

The fundamental concept and development strategy of the Anola Trading System has been determined

The main tasks of the Anola System, solutions, as well as the development strategy of the Anola System, were determined.

Anola online platform

Creation of a platform where everyone from anywhere in the world can profitably invest and gain on a daily basis.

The main terms and definitions are formulated

The main terms and definitions have been formulated, which formed the basis for the interaction model of all Anola System Users and the algorithms that ensure the reliable operation of the whole company.

Algorithm 1.0 technology was chosen for technical implementation.

The distributed precise code technology of Algorithm 1.0 makes it possible not only to implement the Anola System at a technical level but also to start implementing the idea of building a new social ecosystem.

Intensive work

Intensive design and development work of the Anola platform. The development team, taking into account the analysis data and the wishes and interests of the community, laid the foundations of the platform user interface.

Research and Analysis

Lucas Hines and the Anola team conducted research and analysis of existing cryptocurrency platforms and exchanges. Great attention was paid to the security threats analysis.

Moves towards implementation

Preparation for attracting potential Partners and investors, as well as the formation of the basic infrastructure of the Anola System.

Presentation of the company to investors

In 2020, an investor meeting was held. The concept of an online platform was presented and a demonstration of the operation of Algorithm 1.0 was carried out.

Anola Trading

Development of the Anola ecosystem concept.

Registration of patents, copyrights, and trademarks for key components of the Anola System at the international level

The company is officially registered on the Isle of MAN under the name Anola Trading Limited

Mobile app

Android mobile app development


Launching the platform in test mode, fixing and finalizing modules

Launching of online platform

The online platform is developed and launched

2 Stage Spread 2021–2025

Anola 2.0

Development of the Anola 2.0 algorithm

White Paper

Designed and provided. The creation of the ANOLA System is a natural result of the evolution and world globalization processes.

Anola 2.0 algorithm

The main goal of the Anola 2.0 algorithm is to ensure complete decentralization of the process of buying/selling currency pairs when integrating on cryptocurrency exchanges in conditions of a high level of network performance and a minimum interval of waiting for confirmation and completion of a transaction, which ensures the maximum benefit of crypto-trading.

Beta app for Android

Launching a mobile app in test mode, fixing and finalizing modules

App for Android

The mobile application for Android is developed and launched.

System integration with cryptocurrency exchanges

In order to add more crypto assets to the Anola platform, integration with exchanges is planned, which will allow users to receive more liquidity and offer them all our crypto assets at the best market price.

ANOLA Pay development

Anola Pay payment system development. Integration of cryptocurrency with the monetary system.

Anola Token

The introduction of the Anola token into the system on the Binance Smart Chain contract. A meeting of investors will be held. The Token Development Team and the Anola token concept will be presented, as well as the future token development plan.

Web3 support

In addition to these plans, the developers and the Anola platform team will work on other improvements and updates, in accordance with the requirements of the evolving digital economy and blockchain technologies. The development of a mobile application for iOS will be started as well.

Cryptocurrency exchange AnolaTrade development

Launch of a global marketing strategy: early partnerships with international agencies and partners.

In the developing process of the mechanisms of the Anola System, we encountered the lack of many terms in modern terminology, which led to the necessity to create our own terminological base.

3 Stage Redistribution Development in Progress

Launch of the AnolaTrade cryptocurrency exchange

Launch of the IOS app

Launch of the Anola pay payment system

Launch of the Anola token

Launch of the «Registers» service

This service will allow you to receive real-time information on all digital assets registered in the Anola System.

Launch of the service «Indexes and Quotations»

This service will provide the real-time structured statistical information on indices and quotes with digital assets of the Anola System.

Аpplication programming interface (API)

Development of a set of software solutions that allow the integration of services and components of the Anola System on Partner information resources for the purpose of mutually beneficial cooperation using the digital assets of the Anola System.

The Anola Pay development

Anola Pay payment system development. Integration of cryptocurrency with the monetary system.

Launch of the Digital Asset Creation Service

Launch of the Token Creation Service

Launching a messenger with the ability to make calls and create chats

Creation of public channels with special facilities for the creation of a new generation of social networks

Launch of a special Service website for testing blockchain tokens for compliance with a digital asset

One of Anola's top priorities is to create a completely autonomous decentralized ecosystem in terms of technology, economics, and law.

Please note that some components of the Anola System, according to the plan described above, are currently under development or are being prepared for launch. But our Clients have the opportunity to use the launched services today.

One of the Anola's highest priorities is to create a fully autonomous decentralized ecosystem, technologically and economically.

Please note, that some components of the Anola System, according to the plan described above, are still being developed or prepared for launch, but customers are already able to use the existing services today.