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Cloud Technology

Most of our life, both personal and professional, takes place on Internet. We make transactions and purchase using digital technologies. And with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic, most businesses partially or completely rebuilt their processes in a remote format. This growing dependence on the Internet and digital networks carries risks along with the convenience they provide.

SSL Certificate

Cyber attacks are becoming more common now, so threats of identity leakage and / or identity theft have become a huge problem. Customers are focusing more and more on the security of their sensitive data, such as financial and personal security. The best solution to improve the reliability of sites and platforms is to use an Extended Validation SSL certificate (EV SSL).

To ensure the highest level of security, the Anola platform is equipped with an EV SSL certificate, confirmed by the official documentation of the company in the UK, which guarantees a secure and encrypted user connection.

Malware Virus Protection

In order to protect users from malicious viruses during visiting the site, we used the protection of the following companies: Thawte, Trustwave, Sitelock, Sectigo. The site is scanned for viruses and Malware every day. The Anola platform uses the world's best endpoint security:

  • Active fight against credential theft and detection of malicious traffic
  • Endpoint detection and response (EDR)
  • Protection against extortionists
  • Guided threat response

DDoS Protection

The company's servers are located on several dedicated servers around the world, with a high degree of protection against any kind of attacks, including DDoS attacks of all levels. This allows us to diversify the load in the case of an attack on our servers.

Each individual DDoS attack is thoroughly researched by cyber security specialists to keep abreast of the latest trends and as quickly as possible, as well as effectively resist potential attacks, and maintain high network bandwidth.

PIN Protection

The account protection in our system is the pin code, which must be entered every time when you make any transactions or when you edit the user's personal data, including security settings and others.

This allows you to minimize the risks of losing your funds in the case you lose control over your account.


In addition to all the features of the Anola platform, you get additional benefits:

  • Priority review by the Anola specialists
  • Quick response to your inquiry
  • Training and seminars
  • Regular reports on all requests and their results
  • Technical support

2FA Protection

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a key component of cyber security. Each client of the Anola platform has the opportunity to set 2FA protection for their account, in the Security section in the settings of their personal account.

This process ensures better protection of personal information, credentials and other users assets, and also increases the resources security that is also available to the client. It is absolutely impossible to get access to your account, for example, by guessing passwords.

The 2FA method will ask the user to provide not only a password or PIN, but also the second factor - ownership (a one-time code sent to a smartphone that is known to be in the user's possession).

We strongly recommend you to install 2FA protection immediately after registration on the Anola platform. Ignoring the two-factor authentication you reduce the protection level of your account.

Fraud Score System

On the Anola platform, every transaction is automatically arbitrated for fraud score system. In some cases, KYC / AML verification may be required.

The company policy takes into account anti-terrorism and anti-money laundering laws.


Daily malware scanning and immediately removal before it causes serious problems. SiteLock shows all the changes taking place on the platform and informs about them.

EV SSL + SiteLock is a combination that provides comprehensive protection for the Anola platform users.

Digital Security

The digital information security is of paramount importance, we care about your security, take into account all possible factors and take care of the development and implementation of solutions without data loss or hacking. Building on its reputation, the Anola Platform has adopted a strategy of providing maximum security to its users.