Frequently asked questions

About Anola

What is ANOLA?
Anola is a cryptocurrency investment platform that allows clients to increase their cryptocurrency savings.

Among the available products of the company are deposits, deposits with flexible terms and the Algorithm. Anola is constantly adding premium products to its lineup, so we recommend that you review it regularly.

How do I receive gifts from ANOLA?
Terms of Use of Points and Anola Gifts

Gifts are rewarding prizes for Anola users for their participation in diverse events on the platform. They contain digital assets of different value.
To receive gifts from Anola, you need to take an active part in various company’s promotions.
For example, your social activity can generate income.
You can earn Anola points by completing simple tasks available in your account after registration

ANOLA Points

How to work with the ANOLA affiliate program?

Step 1: Go to the home page ( and log into your account. Go to the Network section RAN

Step 2: In the Network section, your personal link and QR code are generated. Share the link or QR code with your friends. RAN

Step 3: After your friends successfully register at using your link or QR code and start investing, referral commissions will be calculated in real time and transferred to your account balance.
Statistics of your partners are also available in the Network section.

Anola may adjust the referrals’ proportion at any time and reserves the right to adjust the referral program rules.

How to withdraw your gifts?

Gifts are credited to the Wallet in your personal account. To withdraw gifts, you need to transfer Anola points to another available wallet, then the funds can be withdrawn.

How to invest ANOLA Points?

Gifts are credited to the Wallet in your personal account. To withdraw gifts, you need to exchange ANOLA Points to ANOLA wallet after that, exchange to another available wallet, then the funds can be withdrawn.

Unable to receive email from ANOLA?
If you are unable to receive an email from ANOLA, please follow the instructions below:
  • Check the email address provided during registration and make sure it is correct;
  • Check the spam folder in your mailbox;
If the first two points are not helpful, please contact our technical support chat room.

Account functions

How to register on ANOLA?
The [Registration] tab is located at the home page of the company's website in the upper right corner. Click on it.

Fill in the form:

  • Enter your email address;
  • Create and enter a password;
  • Click [Create an account];

The system will send a confirmation of successful registration to the email specified during registration. To complete, follow the link in the letter.

After clicking the link to confirm the email address, the registration will be completed successfully. Your account has been created. RAN

For the security of your account, we strongly recommend that you enable two-factor authentication (Google 2FA) when you first sign in to your account.

For the security of your account, the password must be at least 8 characters long, including 1 capital letter and 1 numeric character.

How to reset your account password?
To reset your password, please follow these steps on the login page:

Click [Lost access?]

Enter your account details and click [Reset Password]

The system will send a confirmation to your email, follow the link in the letter.

Your password has been successfully updated * and you can now log into your account using the new password.

* For security reasons, after resetting your password, withdrawals will be disabled for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the withdrawal of funds will be restored automatically.

Personal data verification

Where can I complete account verification?
You can verify your identity as a user of the Anola platform at the Verification section.

On the Verification page, you can view your current verification level, which determines the trading limit of your Anola account. Passing verification will increase the available limit.


Identity Verification or Know Your Customer (KYC) is designed to protect your account from fraud, corruption, money laundering and terrorism financing.

Depending on the region or payment channels you choose, you may be required to increase your ID verification level to enhance the security of your account.

How to pass identity verification? Step-by-step instruction
  • Log into your Anola account and go to the Verification section
  • There are two levels of verification available to users:

    RAN You can also see the respective deposit and withdrawal limits.
  • Enter your personal data and click Next.

    Make sure that all information provided matches your identity documents. You cannot change it after confirmation.

  • Upload scans of your identity documents.

    Select the type of identity document. Most users choose to verify with a passport, ID or driver's license.

  • When completed, please wait. Anola will check your data within the specified period. As soon as your application is verified, we will send you a notification in your personal account.

    Anola uses a comprehensive identity verification system to protect the funds of all users. Please make sure that the submitted materials meet the requirements.


Cryptocurrency Deposit / Withdraw

Video instruction on how to deposit / withdrawal on ANOLA
Video instruction on how to invest funds into ANOLA products
Commissions for withdrawing cryptocurrency on ANOLA
The withdrawal of cryptocurrencies to external web resources (not Anola) includes transaction fees or network fees. These fees are not paid to Anola, but to miners or validators who are responsible for processing transactions and securing the respective blockchain network.

According to the rules of investment companies, the work of miners to process transactions must be paid by the platform. Anola follows these guidelines and pays miners to process transactions.

Since transaction fees are dynamic, fees are charged based on current network conditions. The amount of fees depends on the amount of the commission for a transaction on the network and can change for various reasons, such as network congestion. Up-to-date information about commissions is displayed on the withdrawal page.

Is there a minimum withdrawal limit?
There is a minimum limit for every withdrawal request. You will not be able to withdraw funds if the requested amount is too small.

You can check the minimum withdrawal amount and the amount of commission for operations for each cryptocurrency on the Withdraw page.


Please pay your attention: the amount of the commission can be changed in unforeseen cases, such as network congestion.

How to make exchange transfers in ANOLA
To make internal transfers, you need:
  • Log in to your account and go to the Wallet menu, then to the Overview tab.
  • Select a suitable wallet (coin), then go to Exchange.
  • Select a coin and enter the amount to transfer.
    Enter your pin code and click Exchange.
    Now you can withdraw funds or invest them.
Why haven't the funds been received yet after the withdrawal of funds from ANOLA to another exchange?
Transferring funds from your Anola account to another exchange or wallet involves three steps:
  • Request to withdraw funds from Anola;
  • Blockchain network confirmation;
  • Crediting to the specified platform;

Typically, TxID (transaction identifier) is created within 15-120 minutes.

However, this transaction may take some time to confirm.

It should also be borne in mind that the final transfer of funds to the Withdrawal Wallet may take time. The time required for confirmations across different blockchains varies from 2 to 36 hours.