Careers at ANOLA

Anola is a company that employs professionals in the active developed field of blockchain and cryptocurrency. New opportunities for development and profit making appear every day, the main thing is to recognize the benefits of cooperation with Anola on time, which means to become a part of our friendly family and to build a successful career in the world of digital technologies.


We have designed our trading platform with infinite possibilities for financial independence. We are sure that the cryptocurrency is the future of the global financial system.

Our goal is the constant development, therefore, we are ready to take to our team the specialists who are ready to develop digital technologies and strive to provide financial opportunities to everyone in the world.

We will hire you if you understand the significance and power of blockchain technologies, and are ready to make the financial system as accessible as possible. Join our team.

Our advantages

Comfort and satisfaction of each employee is the main value for our company. We focus on you. Focusing on personality - we erase the borders and continue to grow together.


Customer orientation

We create a safe and comfortable environment for each client. The main priority in our team is the satisfaction of needs and the provision of quality services.


Goal setting is the key to success

A strategy and clear goal setting leads to the intended results achievement. We are passionate and selfless, we accept challenges, we study quickly and improve ourselves, we strive for leadership positions.



We take full responsibility for our actions. If any team member makes a mistake, we correct it. We act in accordance with the company's code of ethics.



Your future depends on you. Openness and transparency of solutions mostly determines the quality and speed of achieving common goals, and jointly building a new ecosystem based on blockchain technologies. We work like the family.


The Team

Find a team that will help you realize all your talents and reveal yourself as a high-quality digital specialist. The Anola team is assembled to provide our customers with the best service and convenience, with a particular attention to safety, accessibility and usability.

The reason to work here

  • It is always easier to develop in a motivated, dynamic and purposeful team of professionals
  • Training and development programs, language courses
  • International moving during a career
  • The company compensates your vacation costs
  • Opportunity to work remotely in many positions
  • Convenient schedule
  • Support during the move
  • Medical insurance
  • Team building
  • A great opportunity to enter a fast-growing industry and influence the future of blockchain technology. We offer competitive advantages that will help you build a successful career with us
  • A diverse set of tasks and endless opportunities to learn and improve yourself, to grow as a professional
  • The opportunity to receive a salary in cryptocurrency as an additional incentive for development in the cryptocurrency field
  • We offer a competitive salary. It depends only on you how big it will be

VIP Customers

High-load operations


How We Hire

If you are interested in building your career with Anola, then you need to have a little patience. Meeting with the future employees takes from 4 to 7 weeks. During this time, we offer to pass 4 interviews, and then we'll be happy to accept you into our friendly Anola family.

  • 1

    The Resume

    In period of 1-2 weeks

    As soon as we'll get your resume, we will review it and get back to you as soon as possible. We receive applications every week, so sometimes it takes longer than we would like.

  • 2

    Phone Call

    In period of 2-3 weeks

    The phone conversation with a talented job seeker. The key word is a conversation. As a result, we need to learn how to build our cooperation more effectively. We also do our best to provide you with more detailed information about the company and its role.

  • 3


    In period of 3-4 weeks

    We are interested in your technical skills and the next step is the mini-project for us, or we can view previous professional or personal projects that you provide us.

  • 4

    Video interview

    In period of 4-5 weeks

    Videochat with our HR manager for visual acquaintance and forging trusting relationships between the company and you as a future employee.

  • 5

    On boarding

    In period of 4-6 weeks

    Welcome to our family! We're always open to get a feedback, so please don't hesitate. In everything we do, including interviews, we strive for excellence through iteration.

Change the World with ANOLA

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