Let's talk about platform

The main advantage of AIis that it can come up with trading strategies, test them, discard unworkable ones, and so on. Also, artificial intelligence keeps track of trends in the market to apply them to future trades. AI is essentially an expert trading analyst without the extra emotion that can interfere with or misinterpret data.

What else artificial intelligence can do:

Monitor news, social networks, thematic websites.

Process market data.

Monitor changes in traders' trading techniques and applies them to its strategy.

Unfortunately, an average person can hardly make use of the AI advantages, unless he or she is its creator or has bought the ready technology from an IT company.

However, the Anola.io company created an artificial intelligence that trades on the cryptocurrency exchange and gave it access to anyone who wants to try their hand at trading.

The process of making money on the crypto exchange with AI from Anola.io

Users' experience in trading does not matter much, artificial intelligence is responsible for the whole process, which allows newcomers to earn at the same level as experienced traders.

AI algorithms continuously analyze the market situation and make micro-transactions through the trading terminal. The trading process is fully automated and occurs 24/7, while the user sleeps or goes about his business.

Platform update

- New BTC Bitcoin deposit

- New XRP Ripple deposit

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