Anola algorithm and new ADA (Cardano) deposit

This planet is at a turning point.

Newspaper headlines seem to say the same thing.

In fact, this may be the only thing we can agree with. We seem to be caught in the same old pattern of ups and downs.

Current situation has put the haves and have-nots on the edge. We find ourselves less united than ever, despite the fact that staggering amounts of money are being printed. Many continue to struggle. We simply cannot afford to wait for a routine situation to repeat itself.

Today, people are choosing blockchain-based open platforms that enable the flow of money through the hands of ordinary people.

Institutional investors are attracted. A new wave of global institutions are investing in bitcoin and blockchain technologies, while the demand for cryptocurrency has reached historic highs, changing our way of life forever.

We pay tribute to what we care about and how we exchange, earn and spend money.

Decentralization is our future. The world is moving. We create alternative systems to increase the freedom to receive money for everyone, but we all need to work together to overcome the tipping point.

Thanks to the algorithm, there is no need to perform your own technical analysis. A successful algorithm increases the chances of earning income. We believe bitcoin solves the problems of 7.8 billion people. They just don't know it yet. We can observe how the world is changing, or we can change it ourselves.

Platform update

- New ADA Cardano deposit

Cardano (ADA) will launch new ERC-20 converter bridge next week as company founder Charles Hoskinson targets Ethereum tokens as ripe fruit for picking.

The feature is expected to launch on September 12th as a component of the massively anticipated Alonzo Hard Fork upgrade.

With the new tool going live on the testnet next week, hopes are high – and investors are giddy with excitement following last week’s impressive bull run to new all-time highs.

The launch of the converter is likely to add to the rift between Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin and his co-founder turned rival Charles Hoskinson (Cardano’s founder).

According to the ADA founder, more than 100 companies have already announced that they will be moving across from Ethereum to Cardano. Interestingly some analysts suggest the ERC-20 converter could enhance security for ERC-20 users.